Disappearing Landscapes

the edges and margins of suburbia; how the suburbs creep into the farmland and how that farmland is reshaped and transformed into estates with names like 'Cresta Views' by corporations with that sound like they're out of cartoons like Akron. It's been happening in the area near where I live and I've been taking some photos and trying to write something about the reshaping of the landscape that's going on here.

About these Landscapes

'Peninsula Pastoral' and 'Views of a Crest' by Warrick Wynne (poems)

 Mussel Shells by Warrick Wynne (poem)

The Last Somerville Apple Grower Retires (article)

'Sunset from the Surveyor's Mark' and Commentary by Pat Pillai (poem and commentary)

Painting the Ruins by Pat Pillai (poetry, art and commentary)

'Field Completion' and 'Ground Fire' by John Stokes (poems)

Mitchell Park by rob walker (poem)

Disappearing Landscapes by Warrick Wynne (photo-essay)
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Photo Gallery [suburbanisation]

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Disappearing Landscapes Links

I'd welcome feedback or links to any sites you know that are concerned with the process of suburbanisation and the landscapes in the process of altering.